Annapurna Cook Ltd.

Who are we?

We are the creator of original Annapurna Cook sauces. And we do more than just making delicious foods. We also consult business and brand to create the brand image, new products, and business plans with our smartBrand concept and SEEKer tools.

運用 “smartBrand” 概念,提供如何「運用最少的資源,創造最大的效益」的實作方法,給正在擴大市場的小企業,或是正在打造品牌的個人公司,以及新創品牌。

Maximize results with minimal resources
~ 運用最少的資源。創造最大的效益 ~


What is smartBrand?

smartBrand is a concept that we created back in 2015.  It aims to help businesses, especially startups, small companies and unique brands, to archive brand images on the web to solve {running after customers symptom}, such as push sales.

Push Sales is one of the main reasons, why humans drain out the earth resources. smartBrand concept allows a company to create products based on needs, and reduce unsold items.  smartBrand starts with lowercase “s” because it can use for all sizes of businesses, even a personal brand. 




smartBrand 的概念,開頭的“s”也代表了 smartBrand 適合運用於小企業、個人公司,甚至是「個人品牌」。

如果您想了解 smartBrand,歡迎與我們聯繫!

Four Steps to Building A Successful Brand 



Start with an IDEA.


Make a PLAN.


Follow the PLAN.


Block fails, be success.


be a SEEKer

be a SEEKer

What is [be a SEEKer] ?  

At spring 2017, after three years of studying numerous businesses cases and practice, we create [be a SEEKer] tools. Base on a centuries-old Yoga method, tools in [be a SEEKer] concentrate on fusing four critical sectors in an individual: Share, enthusiasm, execution, and knowledge. [be a SEEKer] is the succeeded tool of companies or entrepreneurs, through creating better process flow in all aspects of the teams, and integrating resources Efficiently.

[be a SEEker]由四個基本思維所組成:分享、熱情、執行、知識,不論是公司或創業者都可藉由使用[be a SEEker]工具來展現團隊流程與外部資源整合能力,是個符合現代成功的管理工具。

如果您想了解 [be a SEEKer]工具,歡迎與我們聯繫!


What else are we doing?

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